Ribbed dress – H&M (out of stock) // Grey suede bag – Mango // Double cross-body bag (on sale!) – Mango // Braided silver belt (on sale!) – Mango // Singlet – H&M

Sometimes it’s time to fill up the basics. I have been searching for big leather bags for a while now, as I needed one to carry my macbook and other work stuff around with me. My Zara shopper can’t hold the weight anymore and other than that (big) bag I only have a big canvas tote bag. So this grey suede bag from Mango is more than welcome. 



My jewelry shopping rules (or questions I ask myself when buying them):

✚ Are they big?
✚ Are they bold?
✚ Are they gold?
✚ Are they unique?

Are they? Buy the jewelry!

Triangles (gold) – Claire’s // Hoops (large) – H&M // Hoops (medium & small) – Claire’s // Triangles (silver) – H&M // Big silver clips – H&M // Long drop earrings – Zara // Colored bold earrings – Covet // S necklace – Primark // Hoops with golden bars – H&M


soophisticated_stripes3 soophisticated_stripes2_bw soophisticated_stripes1

Jacket – Hema (on sale!) // Striped shirt – H&M Men’s department // Pants – Zara // Shoes – Invito // Earrings – Claire’s

With weather like this it’s the best thing to wear comfortable, warm and layered outfits! What’s better than a sweatshirt from the H&M men’s department? They often have cooler basics than the ladies department! Although I love working at home, I’m about to get a little fresh air and do my homework at a coffee bar. I’m so much more concentrated and focussed when working elsewhere than at home. Know the feeling? When I work at home; at the end of the day my house and closet are cleaned up and the laundry has been done. The only negative thing of leaving my house right now is that I have to wrap myself in many layers and gloves, hat and scarf as I’m having a cold right now. I’ve been drinking lots of tea with honey and taking aspirin and pain killers for my sore throat. And I can tell you: muscle pain + having a cold = very painful when coughing! The great thing about working at home is that it’s very comfortable. Playing the music you love, drinking lots and lots of (free) tea and sit on your favorite spot. I don’t remember if I shared this coffee table before here on the blog, but it’s home made. We use it for everything! Next to an actual table it works great as a bench to work on while stretching my legs! Comfor-table at home! Hope you have a great weekend as well guys!


soophisticated_bbg_progress_3 soophisticated_bbg_progress_4

Since many of you asked about my Bikini Body Guide (BBG) progress and how it’s going, I’ll give you an update! As you could read on Instagram I’ve started training with the BBG again, after a long pauze of two months. When it’s winter it’s so much harder to get yourself motivated to work-out, when you could also snuggle up on the couch with tea, hot chocolate and lots of cookies. That combined with the lack of time made me not work-out for about two months.

What happened after BBG?
Since I’d come so far the previous time and I really missed the healthy and fit lifestyle I decided to start the BBG again. I was surprised to notice I didn’t gain much weight after I stopped working out. I went from six to zero days at the gym, so you can imagine I was afraid of being back where I started. That was not the case. I did feel unhealthy and bloated after a few weeks of doing absolutely nothing, but the effect of stopping such an intense program wasn’t as big as I expected it to be. After the holidays I felt extremely unhealthy, like we all I guess. But I regretted the fact that I was ruining all the progress I made. So it was time to start over!

BBG round 2
The previous week I began with week 4 of the BBG. I didn’t want to start at week 1 as I wasn’t that unhealthy as the first time starting the guide, so this seemed like a great point to begin round 2. I am currently at week 5 and I can say: I’m all back! I feel healthy and energetic again and my body is starting to shape. I’m not bloated anymore and my flat tummy is coming back! One of the BBG ‘rules’ is to photograph your body progress every now and then to see the transformation in pictures, instead of standing on a scale. It’s one of the things I love about the guide. I know so many girls (including me) are focussing on weight and losing pounds, but that is such a wrong focus! It’s of course different if you lost a booming 30 kg. But if you are a regular sized girl/woman like me with some extra kilo’s you want to lose it is better to take photos of the progress you make. In this way you can actually see your body transform which gives a boost to your motivation. The scale can fool you, photos not. Maybe you have your period or drank a lot of water prior to weighing, which gives you a few extra pounds at that moment. As example: the last time I weighed myself before quitting the BBG I had a BMI of 21.6, weighed 67,6 kg and had a 25,5% of fat in my body. Right now: I have a BMI of 21.1, weigh 67 kg and have a fat percentage of 27,9%. So this means I’ve lost weight of muscles and gained some fat. If I weighed myself on a regular scale I could have thought I made progress without doing anything, but in fact I did gain weight but lost weight in muscles! Of course it’s always a nice addition to see how weight you’ve lost, but it shouldn’t be the key factor. Ready to start over!

My goal
My personal goal is to feel healthy, fit and energetic and of course have a lean and strong body. I have 7 more weeks to go to finish this guide and after that I will start the second guide by Kayla Itsines. This time I’m going to finish them. I know what it feels like to quit and how hard it is to start over again, but it is so worth it!

Your thoughts!
I know I have a few followers doing this guide also and a lot of followers are thinking about starting also. Let me know what your experience with the BBG is! How far are you? How are you feeling! Any troubles or difficulties? Questions? Let me know in the comment box down below!


soophisticated_diy_concrete soophisticated_diy_concrete_step1 soophisticated_diy_concrete_step2 soophisticated_diy_concrete_2 soophisticated_diy_concrete_S

 Candles – Various shops // Candle in glass – H&M // Winebottle candleholders – Ferm living

As I love an industrial, minimalistic style interior, I also like to use materials such as metal, steel and concrete. It’s obvious there had to come a Do It Yourself project involving this last material. As I’ve always liked the use of letters and typography in living accessories, I’d loved to try this out myself using concrete. As I had a lot of concrete I tried out a candle holder made out of a plastic spa-bottle. Definitely something I’ll do again soon to make me some more. It’s such an easy DIY to do! It doesn’t take much skills nor time to get the result you like. Just use the following instructions:

You’ll need:
– Moulds; I’ve used a cardboard letter and a plastic bottle.
– Concrete mixture
– Scissors

Do it yourself:
– Prepare the concrete, following the instructions on the package.
– Pour the concrete mixture into the moulds and smoothen the surface. Push a candle into the concrete on the spot you’ll like it to be. When the concrete sets, you can easily get the candle out. Make sure it’s dry enough though to keep the hole for the candle.
– Let the concrete set for about 48 hours to make sure it’s dry enough to get it out of the moulds.
– Carefully peel of the mould from the concrete, using scissors to cut the mould off.

I hope you all like it as much as I do. Inspired? Questions? Leave them below! 


soophisticated_ozewiezewozesoophisticated_ozewiezewoze_f soophisticated_ozewiezewoze_h

Ozewiezewoze wiezewalla kristalla kristoze wiezewoze wiezewieswieswieswies

No I haven’t got a cat who walked over my laptop typing crazy lines. This is actually a very old and traditional child rhyme/song which my granny used to sing when I was little. It is so old that many don’t believe there is an actual translation, while some say it’s about a happy child. So when my grandmother gave me a bigger amount of birthday money for my 21st birthday, like she does to all her grandchildren turning 21, I knew I had to get something special in honor of her. After a long time (I’m turning 23 this March) of thinking what to get I finally decided what to buy. It’s hard to see on the photos, since it’s very tiny. But this silver bracelet, in Dutch called ‘slavenarmband’, is engraved with the word Ozewiezewoze, referring to the song she always sang. I can’t wait to see how she reacts when seeing it!



Hi there! Still recognize me? Yes it has been a long, long, long, long, long time since my last post. You know the feeling you just have to take a break from certain things to reload? That was me. Taking a break from blogging for a while. While writing my thesis, I was so busy with my internship, schoolwork and my job that I didn’t had the time and energy to work on the blog. And when I am blogging, I want to do it the right way and not give you empty and dull posts.

Now you know the reason of the silence, it is time to say: I’m ready for a new chapter. 
It’s a new year, with new chances and opportunities. I handed in my thesis. Hopefully that means I graduate soon! I got a job! (more about that later). I started working out again. And.. I’ve never got so much inspiration and motivation to blog! I am planning some bigger things here on Soophisticated, but you’ll hear more about that later this year.
So what to expect here on Soophisticated?
soophisticated_2015Quality posts! Style-fashion related posts, shoppings, yummy food recipes, new do it yourself projects, style inspiration and tutorials, interior shots and inspirations and my journey to get fitter (remember the bikini body guide?). Can’t wait. Can you? I wish you all the best, wonderful and ambitious year.

I hope to inspire you again in 2015!