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It’s the contrast I like the most about them. The old, printed persian rugs versus a modern interior. I’m still doubting about buying one, but I’m not completely convinced it would fit in our space. It definitely makes the room more cosy, but it may let the room look smaller. I wouldn’t buy a deep red one, but they absolutely rock the interiors above! I’m keeping an eye on Marktplaats to see if there are some second hand offers which will make my decision easier. 

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Shirt – Zara // New running shoes – Nike
(Couldn’t resist buying the shirt as I stopped craving for junk food since I started training!)

My new rhythm: eat, sleep, train, repeat. Not necessarily in that order though. You might have read it on my Instagram already, but I’m working out using the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines. It took me just one day to get convinced I had to get this e-book. I saw it coming by on Instagram and went to see more at Kayla’s account. You can’t scroll through her IG without getting motivated. Dozens of transformation pictures from girls finished the Bikini Body Guide, showing the jaw-dropping results. Voluptuous girls getting skinny and skinny girls getting lean and fit. I couldn’t resist the idea of not doing this myself and bought both the guides. The exercise guide consists of a 12 week training schedule filled with circuit workouts, different kinds of walking and running exercises. The nutrition guide consists of information about a healthy and balanced diet, a week menu and healthy recipes.

How are things going so far?

What do I feel?
Great! I only finished my second work-out of week 2, but I already feel the difference. Not a surprise as I’m working out 6 days of the week. The most important thing is that I feel I’m getting more healthy and fit already. I feel much more energetic, haven’t got a lot of cravings anymore (used to eat so many sweets and chocolate) and feel I am finally training structured. I used to go to the gym as well, but 2-3 times a week and afterwards I left as clean and dry as I came in. Right now, I leave the gym red, exhausted and all wet & sweaty as if I just came out of the shower.

What do I see?
Body-wise I feel some small changes when it comes to the fitting of my clothes, but I read the actual visual results are starting to show off at week 4. By that time I might post some transformation photos on Instagram as well. To get even more motivated I bought these bright pink Nike running shoes!

What do I eat?
I’m not eating the exact things on the example menu of the H.E.L.P. Nutrition guide, but adjusting it to my likings and taste. The most important thing is balance. Your daily menu should have a balance between grains, vegetables, fruit, diary and poultry/fish/eggs. So if my breakfast is yoghurt with oats and fruit, my lunch would be something with bread or toast and vegetables. And of course the most important thing for me: quit unhealthy snacking. Instead of cookies and chocolate, I now enjoy a teaspoon of peanut butter and slices of apple (really you should try this!). 

Pfeew, this was a very long textual post, but as I received some questions on social media about the Bikini Body Guide I thought it would be nice to tell something about my experience so far. Inspired? Questions? Or already using this guide? So curious! Tell me about it!


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Sunglasses – You & EYE // Shirtdress – H&M Trend // Leather shorts – Episode // Boots – Dr. Martens // Bag – H&M

Yesterday felt like a mini vacation. Going to a festival (I was at Lakedance) and be able to go bare-legged because it’s the one and only sunny day of the week feels great! We were so lucky! Dancing in the sun, drinking beers and Mojito’s, chilling on sun chairs and having no obligations for an entire day, made me feel I was on a mini holiday! I wore a new shirtdress from H&M Trend, with leather shorts underneath (so I could dance without being afraid to be in my undies), Dr. Martens and the perfect small cross body bag.
It’s always funny to recognize people at the station (the festival was not in my hometown) also going to the festival, just by the look of their outfits. Girls with denim shorts, rain boots, feathers and small or flowery headbands. You see them everywhere!
Although this seems to be the festival uniform, I saw some great other outfits coming by. I think the most important thing is to feel comfortable, wear flat boots/shoes (yes I do saw some high-heeled girls yesterday, like what?!) and wear a big smile!! What’s your festival uniform?



I went shopping with my personal color card and what a difference! Instead of going for the black, grey and white clothes, my eyes got attracted to the colors that I got advised to! (I bought the 4th dress from the left and also a printed pastel purple one, such a change!!) This session truly made a difference! And now it’s time to pronounce the winner. The winner of the personal color advise session worth €80,- is…

Congrats, an email is on its way!


soophisticated.foodThe number of meals I cooked in our new apartment (we live here 4 months now) are countable on both hands. And that’s all because my boyfriend is the best cooking boyfriend of all! I admit I get spoiled when it comes to breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks here! Homemade curry, all kinds of soups, insalata caprese, Moroccan tajine, breakfast deluxes, you name it. Next try-out project is making a real home-made spekkoek (- a Dutch/Indonesian layered spice cake- I couldn’t find the English name for it). I already post some food photos on the Instagram account, but I’m curious how you guys would think about food/recipe posts here on the blog.
Do or don’t? Let me know!



soophisticated.studiokleur.colors soophisticated.studiokleur soophisticated.studiokleur.colorboard soophisticated.studiokleur.result.sofie.cb soophisticated.studiokleur.result.milou.cbI think it’s not a surprise when you open my wardrobe you’ll find lots of grey, black and white. I always wondered which colors and shades would fit me and which ones aren’t right for my hair and skin type. So I was very happy to get in contact with Marieke from Studio Kleur, who gives people color and style advises. I went to see her, together with a friend of mine, last thursday and we both got lots of new information about color, skin types, make-up and all different tones of colors. I always thought there were only four color types (spring, autumn, winter, summer) but there actually are 12 different types! And I also thought hair was the main factor for choosing colors, but it’s actually the skin type! (Also thought I would be a ‘summer’ type, but here is the proof I’m not!). I was really amazed when Marieke showed me the difference between different tones of colors. You haven’t got a specific color which suits you best, but only certain tones of colors. Next to the color advise, she also did some make-up tips and tricks to match the chosen colors! Result: I’m a Spring type, which means the soft (more pastel) colors suits me best, while Milou is a Autumn type with the softer darker tones like olive green and burgundy.

Curious on your own personal advise? Great!
Together with Studio Kleur I give away a personal Color Advise Session worth €80,- !
(This includes a personal color advise, the personal do’s and don’ts and personal advise on make-up. You also get a personal color card which you can carry with you while shopping to choose the right colors!)

What to do to win this?
Leave a comment down below with your name + email address and give an answer on the following question:
Which color dominates your wardrobe at the moment?
(Also stuck on black? Or can’t you stop wearing blue?)

The give-away ends on the 31st of July.
Good luck!




Shirt – H&M // Skirt, Loafers, Bag – Zara  

It was literally too hot to handle the past days. And especially no weather for leather. So this is what I would be wearing if the temperature drops a few degrees.
It has been silent on the blog, as it was silent in my head. The terrible accident of flight MH17 has left its mark on all of us and I can’t even explain in words how I feel about it. I haven’t lost a friend, sister, father or family member and I can’t even imagine how terrible it must be for the ones left behind. But I do feel sad, empty and confused because I simply can’t understand why this has happened to innocent people. Carpe Diem. Those words are popping up in my head every day since the crash. Think about how lucky we are to be alive, love the people we love and laugh every single day.