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Black skinny jeans, the perfect leather jacket, some fine knits, great-quality shirts, a designer cross-body bag. All ingredients for the best minimalistic items. I can’t get enough of these kind of streetstyle shots, even though it may seem all the same to many people. Got to love the white overall and ohh that frayed top on the 6th photo. Pure love!


soophisticated.newhomesoophisticated.cactusI can’t describe how thrilled I am to tell everybody I’m going to live together with my boyfriend and already got the keys to our amazing apartment! Some of you might know I’m having a relationship for many years now (this summer 8 years), so we figured it was about time to move in together! We found the perfect apartment; sky high ceiling, big windows, in the city center and within our budget! Now it’s time to furnish and decorate! My most favorite part! Luckily, my boyfriend and I have the same taste & style, which makes it easy to find the right items! The wishlist is long, but two things are already bought: a sweet little cactus and string lights! It’s still work in progress, but I couldn’t resist showing you a little sneak peek! 

[BLK and NOIR GIVE-AWAY] and the winner is…

blknoir_winnerWhooop we have a winner! I gave each of you (chronologically by entry) a number and used a random number generator which ended up at the winner of the BLKandNOIR give-away: 


We will send you an email very soon! 
Thanks for all the enthusiasm and entries. Wish I could give one to each and everyone of you! Disappointed? You can buy the items at BLKandNOIR here! It will be totally worth it!


cosmo_soophVest, top, pants – Zara // Earrings – River Island

Some of you might know I did a shoot for Cosmopolitan a while back, with some other awesome bloggers like Lucy from LovelybyLucy, Cindy from COTTDS, Lizzy from LizzyvdLigt and more! It’s in stores right now, click here to see my photo.
These weeks I will appear on the Cosmopolitan website with some outfits, ready for spring. Like this one! Can’t wait to wear sleeveless tops again, without layering with vests and coats. The key of this outfit is to combine basics with statement jewelry, just the way I like it! And woohoo it’s weekend! I have had a little sleepover at my sister yesterday and now it’s time to shoot some photos for the blog, get me some fresh flowers and go working tonight. Hope you have an awesome weekend as well!


blknoir_boxsoophisticated_crystalrawsoophisticated_sofienoirsoophisticated_shithappensbraceletsoophisticated_shithappenssoophisticated_goldcrystalGIVE-AWAY TIME! As I already pronounced last friday I am hosting a give-away with BLK AND NOIR and be giving away one of my favorite beautiful handcrafted and curated items. The best thing about this give-away is that you can choose your own favorite to win! Will it be the gold crystal raw quarts necklace, the shit happens bracelet or the plain disc necklace, sofie noir version? It’s all up to you!

To enter the give-away:
/Like the BLK AND NOIR facebook page
/Like the Soophisticated facebook page
/Leave your name + email address down below
and tell me which of the jewelry you’d love to win!

The give-away is open worldwide and ends on 31th of March! (which is my birthday whoop)


blknoir_paperblknoir_boxA while back I got a sweet message of BLK AND NOIR, introducing the brand to me. As you probably know I’m a huge fan of jewelry with a story, clean, industrial & minimalistic, so I headed to the website and immediately fell in love with some of the jewelry! All pieces are handmade or curated, which makes them even more special. I received a package with these three beauties. You’ve probably seen the gold crystal necklace already coming by at Instagram last week, the material is so beautiful! And the best part? She got inspired by me and made a special version of the plain disc necklace, called SOFIE NOIR, with a black chain. It’s so sweet and I’m honered to wear a necklace inspired by me! The bracelet is already my daily wear, as it combines perfectly with my AfterDRK x Maison de Bonneterie bangle and the quote is just so funny and true at the same time! Because hey; shit does happen from time to time!

The best part for you is about to come! You can win of one these beauties since I’m hosting a give-away. Want win one of these? Give-away is coming up on the blog tomorrow!