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Jeans – Zara // Top – H&M // Ankle Boots – Cheap Monday 

First of all, thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes I received on Instagram! Had a great birthday with lots of cake, friends and family. Just the way it should be! And what did I wear? Of course my flared jeans! Like promised, here my outfit photos wearing them on my birthday. Combined with a boxy neoprene top from H&M. I notice the opinions are quite divided when it comes to the return of this kind of jeans. I think for some its love at first sight, some will hate it and for some it is just a matter of time to get used to it again.



Photos via Pinterest

Since I am still a bit sick and weak (me and my boyfriend suffered from food poisioning) I don’t had the energy to shoot outfit photos with my new flared jeans. But every time I look at it, hanging and waiting there for me in the corner of the room, I can’t wait to wear it. So here is some flare inspiration! Even after showing these amazing street style shots to my boyfriend he still thinks it’s old skool and not sexy, but oh thats probably a real men’s thing. I don’t mind dressing a bit man repelling! But for you girls out there who do like them, I got some inspiration on how to combine the flared jeans! Looks great with tucked in basics, cropped tops, long coats and lots of layers! Joining me on the flared-jeans-bandwagon?




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This quote tells the story of me getting in shape, fit and healthy. I think I mentioned it before: I’ve been telling myself for years now I have to get in shape, fit and more healthy. But in the end, I always failed to work-out continuously and eat healthy. It was simply impossible. 
But on a blue monday she showed up on my Instagram: Kayla Itsines. Life changer for thousands and thousands of girls around the world. It sounds quite dramatic, but I really think it is the best way to describe it. She does the impossible job of getting (and keeping) girls motivated to get fit, strong and healthy and therefore she is a true life changer. I’ve seen overweighted girls getting slim and skinny girls getting strong. And for me? I haven’t seen my abs and biceps for years, there are no more rolls under my bra on my back and I feel more energetic and healthy than I have felt in a long long time! The things I did to achieve this? The Bikini Body Guide (of course), drinking a lot of water and tea, quit snacking and drinking sodas, being aware of everything I eat. It’s all about balance I guess. If you work-out more, you’ll be crazy to keep snacking and ruin your fitness results. When you stop binge eating, you will automatically eat healthier and work-out even more to see more results. And there you have your vicious circle! I know it sounds easier than actually doing it, but it helps me to keep this lifestyle going.

I regularly get questions on social media or on the blog about this journey and the Bikini Body Guide. So I will soon make a post answering them all. If you have any questions? Fire away below!



soophisticated_pink_loafers soophisticated_pink_shoes soophisticated_pink_sliponssoophisticated_pink_instaootd  Loafers – Zara // Grey Coat – H&M // Grey Jeans & Pink Knit – Zara // Blue Jeans – Mango SPRING IS IN THE AIR! And also on my feet. Couldn’t leave these pink ponyhair cuties at Zara when I passed by. They scream spring/summer and are a very welcome addition to my (almost all) black shoe collection. They also have them in beautiful blue navy! Loved them too! Spring is in the air and it’s time to wear shades of color next to all black outfits again (even though my love for all black will never die!). Even a green/yellow dress made it into my wardrobe last week, more on that later! I am typing this in bed right now. Hooray for boyfriends who bring breakfast in bed when your working on your blog. Perfect combination! Have a great weekend lovelies! 



(Dress – Monki // Isson Sunglasses – You & EYE)


Singing this to the lyrics of the song ‘Always there’ since this friday, as I nailed my Thesis and got it back approved! This means I am almost graduated! Time for a bit confetti. I already celebrated it a little this weekend. You can imagine I had to take some time for myself to focus on my Thesis, so right now: I’m back again and here to stay!



Ribbed dress – H&M (out of stock) // Grey suede bag – Mango // Double cross-body bag (on sale!) – Mango // Braided silver belt (on sale!) – Mango // Singlet – H&M

Sometimes it’s time to fill up the basics. I have been searching for big leather bags for a while now, as I needed one to carry my macbook and other work stuff around with me. My Zara shopper can’t hold the weight anymore and other than that (big) bag I only have a big canvas tote bag. So this grey suede bag from Mango is more than welcome. 



My jewelry shopping rules (or questions I ask myself when buying them):

✚ Are they big?
✚ Are they bold?
✚ Are they gold?
✚ Are they unique?

Are they? Buy the jewelry!

Triangles (gold) – Claire’s // Hoops (large) – H&M // Hoops (medium & small) – Claire’s // Triangles (silver) – H&M // Big silver clips – H&M // Long drop earrings – Zara // Colored bold earrings – Covet // S necklace – Primark // Hoops with golden bars – H&M