soophisticated_packing soophisticated_packing22soophisticated_packing3Hat – H&M // Bralette – Urban Outfitters // Sandals – Zara // Black + White Shorts – Forever21 // Leather Dress – Zara // Palm Print Shorts – Men at Work // Sandals + Crossbody Bag – Mango

Time to pack! But what are you gonna bring with you, if you don’t even know what your destination is going to be? Above a few snapshots of what I’m packing. I always think in different occasions, like: denim shorts for the beach and walks around the city, but also cute shorts and dresses for a night out! And I am definitely a list-maker! What is your packing strategy? Love to hear it!

P.s The sandals arrived just in time, woohoo!


Soophisticated_DestinationUnknown Soophisticated_Destination_Unknown

Photos via Pinterest

Oh myyyy… it’s almost time to pack my suitcase to ‘destination unknown’! I’m going on a one-week vacation with my bestie this Saturday and we have no clue where we are going! I already saw the concept of SRPRS.ME coming by in December 2014 and fell in love with the idea of not knowing where you’re going to until the actual moment is there! Since my boyfriend likes to know his destinations I introduced the idea to my best friend and luckily she shared my enthusiasm to book this vacation! After months of I-can’t-wait-no-more-tensions (we booked in March) it’s almost time for some disclosure! Two days back we received an envelope telling us the weather expectations – very important if you want to know what to pack – and the time, date and airport for departure. We also received another envelope with the (!) scratch card, which we have to open when we arrive on the airport. The code we receive from the scratch card tells us our destination! I CAN’T WAIT!

Also curious where we are going to? Click here to see how much time we’ve got left and where we will go! 



Photo 2 from Connected to Fashion // All others via Pinterest

As you know, my style is feminine but edgy and the sandals above are just the perfect example of an edgy addition to an outfit. Maybe a bit man repelling, but isn’t that what fashion makes more fun sometimes? I couldn’t resist getting myself the Zara and Mango sandals! Ooops! Hope they arrive before I leave on vacation this Saturday! Curious where I’m going to? Me too! More about that later! For now, let’s get you to these awesome sandals:

✚  Leather Cowboy Sandals – Zara 
✚  Black Gladiator Sandals – H&M
✚  Leather Sandals – Mango
✚  Espadrille Platform Sandals – River Island
✚  Copper Slippers – H&M
✚  Black Slippers – H&M


soophisticated_vanilia1 soophisticated_vanilia2 soophisticated_vanilia3 soophisticated_vanilia4 soophisticated_vanilia6Knit // Vanilia When in doubt.. ask Instagram! That should be a wisdom quote, love it! I came across this be-a-utiful baby blue knit dress at Vanilia yesterday. Oh boy, the color is just perfect, the model and shape of the knit also. But… it’s wool. The moment I pulled the knit on, it felt itchy around my arms and back. The only reason I was in doubt wether to buy it or not, because the rest was perfect (and it’s on sale too!). So time to call in the help of my Insta loves! The overall opinion? I think you can answer that for yourself, looking at the photo’s above! Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to go for beauty over “itchy-ness”. Luckily there are a few tricks to make it feel less itchy like putting it in the freezer or just wearing a top underneath. Have a lovely weekend guys! 


soophisticated_pinkoats soophisticated_pinkoatsWhat makes you even more hungry than a delicious breakfast, which also looks very very good? At first I didn’t like oats that much, I had to get used to the texture and bite! But oh boy I definitely jumped on the oatmeal bandwagon! If you have the same interests as me, your instagram timeline is probably also filled with oatmeal bowls in the morning. Guilty! I also like to share my personal favorites! But this one you have to try! It’s sweet, but still healthy and keeps you going for an entire morning!

I used:
✚  50 grams of oats
✚  300 ml of unsweetened almond milk
✚  40 grams of raspberries
✚  a hand full of blueberries
✚  whey crispy balls

I did:
✚  Pour the oats and milk in a pan.
✚  Bring to a simmer for about 5-10 minutes and stir frequently
✚  Add 30 grams of raspberries and keep stirring untill you have pink oats
✚  Turn off the heat and pour the oatmeal in a bowl.
✚  Add some more raspberries, blueberries and a hand full of whey crispy balls.
✚  Ready.. set.. eat! (or take a photo first)

I hope you like it just as much as I do! But I also would love to hear your favorite oat-recipes! 




G R A D U A T E D !!

I really thought this day would never come! But it really is true: last week I graduated as Lifestyle Professional! It was a hell of a ride, but I made it to the finish line and crossed it after 5 years of studying. My final assessment has been a week ago, but after a few communication problems with school (they lost a few of my grades, long story – not interesting to read) I finally got the final call telling me I am graduated for sure!

As some of you might know, I studied International Lifestyle Studies. An education in ‘trendwatching’ and ‘conceptdevelopment’, on which I specialized in Appearance (fashion & identity) and Living (interior and the urban environment). It’s a study I recommend to all creative people who have a sense of curiosity, feeling and talent to create cool innovative concepts for brands and companies.

So what now? // I wrote my Thesis for the awesome interior design (web)shop MisterDesign. If you are into design, you should definitely go visit the website and stores in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Not only I worked as an intern but also on a steady base, as they offered me a job this February! Right now I’m working part-time and work on the online content/branding for MisterDesign. And oh boy.. working for one of the best interior design stores makes you greedy and craving all design products I am surrounded with at work!

I have no idea what the future holds for me, but I sure do know it is time to get Soophisticated on a higher level. So there is a lot going on behind the scenes here!


soophisticated_voguesoophisticated_vogue0_soophisticated_vogue5_soophisticated_vogue4_soophisticated_vogue3soophisticated_vogue6soophisticated_vogue2_Oh my… Vogue NL made me long for vacation when flipping through the pages of the July/August edition! Scuba textures, flowy dresses, cool swimwear and bright colors made me smile! Although ‘online’ is a huge part of my lifestyle, flipping through magazines is still one of my favorite things to do! It remembers me to sit back and relax. What is your favorite me-time moment? Would love to hear!