Denim shirt // Chelsea boots // 8mm jeans

Time flies. I can’t believe it has been this long since I posted my last blog. But oh, this weekend was the first day I could sit down and actually read a magazine! Woohoo! I’ve been busy with exams, deadlines and my internship. And next to that also working out to complete the Bikini Body Guide (only two more weeks to go!!). A day hasn’t got enough hours and I have to choose. You can’t imagine how satisfied I am, finally writing a blogpost again! Basics are the best and this combination of a black jeans (this one is on sale!), chelsea boots and denim shirt is the best for a relaxing weekend day! 

JOURNAL [2015]


Journal – Els&Nel // Winebottle Candleholders – MisterDesign 

The hunt for a journal has finally ended! I’ve always been searching for the right, clean, basic, well-designed, functional journal and here it is! Couldn’t be more enthusiastic about finding an agenda when I saw this one coming by on Instagram. It’s crowdfunded and designed by Els & Nel (love that name) and it’s functional, minimalistic and good looking at the same time! The only negative point about it, is I have to wait for 2015 to begin!


soophisticated.sachashoes3soophisticated.sachashoes2soophisticated.sachashoesBoots – Sacha // Green “dress” – H&M

It’s been years since I last wore brown leather boots. It is no secret I love to wear black and I’ve never been attracted to brown leather boots, bags or jackets. But these made it into my wardrobe! I think they’re the best when you combine them bare-legged or rockin’ an all basic outfit with a fine black skinny and white tee. This was probably the last time this year I could wear this combination as the weather turns colder. Luckily this top/dress/jacket is multifunctional and I can wear it as a jacket as well!



soophisticated2_back_transformation_week0_week4_week8Week 0:  70,9 kg – 32,1% fat | Week 4:  68,4 kg – 31,4% fat | Week 8:  67,6 kg – 25,3% fat

So here it is, an update about my progress using the Bikini Body Guide (BBG). I get a lot of questions about the BBG so I decided to answer all of them in one post!

What is the BBG?
Bikini Body Guide is an work-out ebook to get a fit, healthy body!
The exercise guide consists of a 12 week training schedule filled with circuit workouts, different kinds of walking and running exercises. The nutrition guide consists of information about a healthy and balanced diet, a week menu and healthy recipes (you have to buy them separately). To buy the guide go here!

The guide contains different kinds of workouts.
Resistance training: it’s a circuit training session. You’ll be doing these 3 times a week training your legs & cardio, abs & arms and full body workouts. These circuits are quite heavy and hard but oh you feel so great when finished.
LISS: stands for Low Intensity Steady State, which power walking (6,4 km/hour) for about 35-45 minutes straight.
HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training, which is a sprint training. of 10-15 minutes. You start doing HIIT in week 9.

My Progress
First of all: I never thought I’d come so far. I’ve tried getting lean and fit for two years now but never accomplished because I simply couldn’t find structure and motivation. Whenever I went to the gym I walked on the treadmill, did some abs training (although I didn’t knew what I was doing) and joined group lessons. Next to that I loved snacking chocolate and other sweets. The BBG brings structure to your work-outs. The only thing you have to do is get your lazy ass to the gym and start doing what the ebook tells you to do. Yes it’s hard, it’s heavy and costs a lot of time and energy, but boy this might be the best decision I made in years. I feel so much more energetic and healthy! I am less tired during the day and I concentrate better at work.

As you can see in photos above I definitely made some visual progress as well! (God, I hate looking at the first photo). At first people were telling me: why are you trying to loose weight? You’re so slim! Yes, with my clothes on I was slim and I definitely didn’t feel fat, but I wasn’t lean and tight at all (as you can see at Week 0). The biggest difference is in the first 4 weeks. I went from sporting 0 times a week to 6 times a week (3x Resistance, 3x LISS) and next to that I counted the calories I ate. This resulted in a weight loss of 2,5 kg.
When you’ve lost weight it’s time to gain strength. This is what happened in week 4 – week 8. The visual effect isn’t that big, but if you look at the fat%, which has dropped 5% it’s obvious I turned fat into muscles as I didn’t loose that much weight again.

I hope I’ve given you all the info you needed. If not, just ask more in the comment box down below and I’ll reply!


soophisticated.lacebralettesoophisticated.lacebraLace Bralette – Nastygal

I can’t have enough of these. Soft lace bralettes.Especially the ones with thin fabric, detailed lace and thin straps. Like this perfect one, but unfortunately it’s completely sold out. Lace bra’s or bralettes are perfect under light flowy tops with dropped armholes, low backs or sheer fabrics. Sad thing autumn and winter is coming, as these will be covered under tons of layers and heavy knits.







Bag – Mango

Started my internship again last week and with that I started carrying around my Macbook, notebooks, pens, food, adapters and more. So I figured it was about time to get me a rucksack to balance the weight between my shoulders. And why not a fine-looking faux leather one? It’s the right size, functional spaces and not too detailed. Just the way I like it!


soophisticated.posters.smallPhotos via Pinterest + My Dubio

For ever and ever // Oh Yes // Diamond // Geo Black Bear // Excuse the mess //
G – letter // Brilliant

Posters. You can’t have enough! It’s easy to become a poster addict. It’s the same thing with tattoos: Once you get one, you can’t stop getting more. As some of you saw on my Instagram account last week, I bought myself this huge poster second hand. Wouldn’t mind having more (at all!) so I selected my favorites from the world wide web.
Are you a poster addict?