soophisticated.studiokleur.colors soophisticated.studiokleur soophisticated.studiokleur.colorboard soophisticated.studiokleur.result.sofie.cb soophisticated.studiokleur.result.milou.cbI think it’s not a surprise when you open my wardrobe you’ll find lots of grey, black and white. I always wondered which colors and shades would fit me and which ones aren’t right for my hair and skin type. So I was very happy to get in contact with Marieke from Studio Kleur, who gives people color and style advises. I went to see her, together with a friend of mine, last thursday and we both got lots of new information about color, skin types, make-up and all different tones of colors. I always thought there were only four color types (spring, autumn, winter, summer) but there actually are 12 different types! And I also thought hair was the main factor for choosing colors, but it’s actually the skin type! (Also thought I would be a ‘summer’ type, but here is the proof I’m not!). I was really amazed when Marieke showed me the difference between different tones of colors. You haven’t got a specific color which suits you best, but only certain tones of colors. Next to the color advise, she also did some make-up tips and tricks to match the chosen colors! Result: I’m a Spring type, which means the soft (more pastel) colors suits me best, while Milou is a Autumn type with the softer darker tones like olive green and burgundy.

Curious on your own personal advise? Great!
Together with Studio Kleur I give away a personal Color Advise Session worth €80,- !
(This includes a personal color advise, the personal do’s and don’ts and personal advise on make-up. You also get a personal color card which you can carry with you while shopping to choose the right colors!)

What to do to win this?
Leave a comment down below with your name + email address and give an answer on the following question:
Which color dominates your wardrobe at the moment?
(Also stuck on black? Or can’t you stop wearing blue?)

The give-away ends on the 31st of July.
Good luck!




Shirt – H&M // Skirt, Loafers, Bag – Zara  

It was literally too hot to handle the past days. And especially no weather for leather. So this is what I would be wearing if the temperature drops a few degrees.
It has been silent on the blog, as it was silent in my head. The terrible accident of flight MH17 has left its mark on all of us and I can’t even explain in words how I feel about it. I haven’t lost a friend, sister, father or family member and I can’t even imagine how terrible it must be for the ones left behind. But I do feel sad, empty and confused because I simply can’t understand why this has happened to innocent people. Carpe Diem. Those words are popping up in my head every day since the crash. Think about how lucky we are to be alive, love the people we love and laugh every single day. 


soophisticated.smokey soophisticated.smokey.closeupBlack Shirt – Asos // Earrings – River Island

My beauty routine is almost always the same: foundation & powder to smoothen the skin, black eyeliner and mascara to let my eyes pop out more. But sometimes, mostly when hitting the city for drinks and parties I’m going for a more heavy make-up look by using the smokey eye technique.

Don’t get the wrong idea: I’m not a beauty/make-up expert at all (wish I was though), but nevertheless wanted to show you how I create smokey eye.

I bought the Maybelline color tattoo (color: Immortal Charcoal) last week and oh boy I like it! I’m normally not a fan of creamy eyeshadow, because it get’s sticky and all over the place, but this is the first eye “shadow” that lasts on my eyelid the entire evening. Simply add some white shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eye and black eye shadow in the outer corner and there it is; your smokey eye. Apply a black line and some mascara and your good to go! 


soophisticated.bohobag2soophisticated.bohobag3Bag – H&M / Sunglasses – You & EYE

The perfect bag for a walk on the beach and going for drinks at the boulevard. Combined with these platform espadrilles and a light flowy dress. I actually bought this bag a while back, but never showed it on the blog before. It’s not the most functional bag, but hey, sometimes beauty over function is best. 


wintercoat in summer 3
wintercoat in summerwintercoat in summer 2Coat – H&M / Chelsea boots – Sacha / Dress – H&M

Imagine: you’ll find a long, grey, bit oversized coat in the corner of the store, in between all the sale craziness and under the prize of €30,-, but knowing it’s the hottest summer day so far at the moment. To buy or not to buy was my doubt. But while trying on, a women came to me and said: hey, somewhere around the world it’s winter! True that. So with the thought of winter in my head I walked to the register, still feeling a bit of a lunatic. 


soophisticated.necklace(s) soophisticated.necklaces soophisticated.flowersNecklaces – H&M // Top – Zara

Three of a kind? That’s right. These are three necklaces mixed up, instead just one. Stacking necklaces is the right solution when you can’t find the right one. I think I won’t be wearing them separately, but piled up they’re perfect. I’m keeping my eyes open, cause I would love to add some more styles and chains here! 

Keys to stacking:
- choose different lengths
- pick different styles (chains, rhinestones, coins)
- mix thick with thin necklaces
- keep on stacking



‘Pinspiration’ is the best sort of inspiration. I could spend 24/7 clicking through photography, quotes and graphic designs on Pinterest. In this post I feature some pins from Jemima Phelps’ account. Her boards are so well themed and categorised! I’m still thinking about changing my themes as well. Do you have Pinterest? I’m so curious to see yours! Share your link in the comment box below!