soophisticated_voguesoophisticated_vogue0_soophisticated_vogue5_soophisticated_vogue4_soophisticated_vogue3soophisticated_vogue6soophisticated_vogue2_Oh my… Vogue NL made me long for vacation when flipping through the pages of the July/August edition! Scuba textures, flowy dresses, cool swimwear and bright colors made me smile! Although ‘online’ is a huge part of my lifestyle, flipping through magazines is still one of my favorite things to do! It remembers me to sit back and relax. What is your favorite me-time moment? Would love to hear! 

Show them legs!


Photos via Pinterest

Summer is around the corner and it’s time to show them legs! Yes the legs we’ve worked so hard for this winter/spring! But how to rock those skirts and shorts? Just like the girls above do! With oversized tops, knits and jackets and the right sturdy boots to make it less feminine! On my wishlist: a denim midi-skirt and that petrol blue jacket from the third photo. Ooh-lala!








soophisticated_healthyoatbarssoophisticated_oatbars_result2soophisticated_oatbars_mixturesoophisticated_oatbars_baked2 soophisticated_oatbars_almostdonesoophisticated_oatbars_result soophisticated_oatbars_result2Woohoo first healthy and clean snack recipe on the blog. And oh my this is gooood! So I think we all know the hardest struggle of a diet is cutting out the sweets and skipping the snacks, right? If there is one thing I’ve learnt now it is that healthy snacks can be delicious too!! The key is to make them yourself, to be sure they are clean and don’t have extra’s you don’t need! Two weeks ago I made delicious clean brownies (if you like I can do an post about them too) and now it’s time for some oatbars! These bars are perfect when you need a snack that is not too sweet, but gives you the right amount of energy in between meals. And the perfect thing is that there are only three ingredients needed to start with: oats, nuts and bananas! You can add whatever you like! I included dates for sweetness and shredded coconut because coconut and bananas are just the best combination ever! Enough talking, because you just have to try them by making them yourself too!

I used:
✚  90 grams of oats
✚  70 grams of dates
✚  50 grams of healthy unsalted nuts (walnuts & almonds)
✚  2 mid-sized bananas
✚  10 grams of shredded coconut (optional!)
✚  baking pan

I did:
✚  Preheat the oven on 180° degrees.
✚  Mix the oats, rough-chopped nuts and dates in a bowl.
✚  Mash the bananas until there are no large chunks left and it’s a smooth substance.
✚  Mix the mashed bananas into the bowl with the oats, nuts and dates and stir thoroughly until it’s a nice and thick mixture (like on the spoon in photos above).
✚ Pour the mixture in a cake pan covered with baking paper and use a spoon to spread it evenly using a lot of pressure to make it all stick together. If you don’t do this, they might fall apart when you cut them.
✚ Now it’s time to sprinkle them (or not sprinkle them) with whatever you like. I used shredded coconut and some wallnuts, but that’s all up to you!
✚ Place the cake pan in the preheated oven and leave it there for around 30 minutes (ready when the corners get crispy and the top golden brown).
✚ Let it cool down 10-15 minutes before you cut them into bars. Let them cool again – I know it’s hard and you just want to eat them all – but you just have to wait so they can get cold and crunchy.
✚ Ready, set.. eat!!

I really hope you like them just as much as I do! The hint of sweetness from the dates and the crunchy-ness from the nuts, yumm! But you can substitute some of the ingredients to your own likings. As long as you leave the oats and the bananas in! I would really love to know it if you made these yourself! Curious about your creations!


soophisticated_vamos soophisticated_pineapple2 soophisticated_trianglflowerPhotos: 2 / 3

It’s a visual party above, but some things just need a pop of color! Like this beautiful Triangl Bikini called Penny Wanderlust. Love at first sight about a year ago, but I made myself the promise: once you have finished the Bikini Body Guide (with a bikini body as result) you may have a awesome bikini! So here it is! And also a part of my birthday present from the sweetest girlfriends! I doubted a lot between this one and the pink version, but I couldn’t resist the beautiful cobalt blue pop! Now it’s only a matter of waiting.. I’m going on vacation with my bestie in July. Where I am going? I don’t have a clue! We are going on a surprise vacation! But more about that later..

My next goal? Getting strong and lean!! I am still not where I want to be, but I love the progress and the journey of getting there! If you only think about the final goal you will get de-motivated because it simply takes effort and a lot of time! Set smaller and easier goals for yourself and you will feel the pride and motivation of going harder, faster, stronger! What is your ultimate motivation?


soophisticated_journeySo you might have noticed the change in lifestyle and physics if you followed me on Instagram the past weeks/months. Since the start of the Bikini Body Guide (read the last update here) in August I’ve been focusing on getting healthier, fitter, stronger and a bit slimmer! I wanted this for years, but never could accomplish this because I simply didn’t know how. I had no motivation and determination at all. That all changed when I came across Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide! And especially when I started the guide all over again, after I stopped in week 10 due to my Thesis. The second time around I noticed some big changes: I am stronger, leaner, healthier and so much more energetic now! I lost 6 kilograms of fat and got my fat percentage down by 6,8%. Below you find some facts about my fit journey. We have a lot of catching up to do, so I’m sorry for the long post! But I hope to inspire you anyway!


The only way to actually change your lifestyle into a healthier one is to have some strong determination and motivation! It’s all the way or nothing! For years I told myself I had to get healthier and stop eating junk food and snacks. But for years I didn’t listen to myself. But enough is enough and it was about time I put action to words. With the BBG I had a guidance and support to achieve my goals. But in the end it’s you who have to make the real difference. There is no one to drag you to the gym or make you buy healthy food; it is all in your own hands!

Did I change my diet? Sure I did! I started with counting calories to get aware of what I eat on a daily basis. I used to snack a lot, but counting those calories made me realize I ate a lot more than I burned! I also didn’t think about a balanced schedule and often skipped breakfast. Off course I already knew that last thing is a bad habit but I simply couldn’t care less. Nowadays I never skip a healthy and fibre-full breakfast to kick-start the day, eat clean snacks such as carrots, apple with peanutbutter, juices, smoothies and light & clean dinners without extra’s I don’t need! Don’t I miss the sweets? Of course! But there are actually quite many healthy and clean variations on sweets, like these amazing clean brownies I made. Will give you that recipe soon! Stay tuned on the blog to see more healthy recipes and food diaries!

As told above I still work out using the Bikini Body Guide. I finished the first guide two weeks ago and started with the second guide last week, which continues in week 13. All together I train six times a week. Three times a resistance circuit training, two times a duration cardio to burn fat & calories (called LISS in the guide) and once or twice a week an interval training (called HIIT). All together it sounds like much, but I like to combine two of them in one work-out session. It’s fun to use the second guide because there are new and challenging exercises included! And as I am getting stronger they are getting easier (not less intensive though). I can actually do push-ups and sit-ups now, woohoo!

Ok, that was quite a long post again. But we had some catching up to do right? Will show you some delicious & healthy recipes as well as a food diary very soon! If you have any questions I would love to hear them! Just tell me below in the comment field and I’ll answer them as soon as possible! Hope to have inspired you!



pssssssst! I am still alive on Instagram!

“Sooph! What’s up? How is Soophisticated going? It is so silent..”

So so true! Over the past year I’ve been in a on-off relationship with Soophisticated. A break from blogging and back to blogging. A break from blogging and back to blogging again. The reason is not because I don’t like to blog, write, photograph anymore, because I love all of that! It’s not about a lack of inspiration eighter, because I am overloaded with inspirations lately (especially when it comes to interior and health)! I think/hope you fellow bloggers recognize it when I say I can only blog if the quality and concept is right, but at the moment it’s not clear (yet) what I want and where I want to take Soophisticated in the future. A lot of ideas have crossed my mind lately.. from an online webshop to collaborations with other amazing creative souls and offline ideas, but somehow I haven’t figured it out quite yet. But oh I do miss the creativity! Sometimes I bump into the sweetest followers on the street or on a night out asking me when I start blogging again and I have to admit: I feel so guilty when that happens and realize even more that I’ve missed this and you. I know I’ve been updating on Instagram on a daily basis, but I really feel like giving you more!

So.. time for some action again!! I will take it slow, so I can work on Soophisticated in the meanwhile, but I really feel like inspiring you again with awesome content!

Some of you might have followed me on Instagram and see some big changes when it comes to my lifestyle. I am healthier and stronger than ever before and it feels oh so good! Yes.. it’s the Bikini Body Guide where I’ve talked about before (you know, ages ago.. here.. on the blog). Right now I’ve finished the guide for the second time and started the Bikini Body Guide 2.0 last week. Results? Lost 6 kilograms in fat and gained 100% of energy! This week I will tell you all about it, starting with a health update tomorrow!

Hope to get you inspired again by all what inspires me here on Soophisticated. Welcome back dearest followers, because I am here to stay and grow! In the meanwhile.. I would love love love to know what you like to see/hear from me! Curious about my personal life more or about my healthy/fit journey? My growing passion for interior design since I work for the best interior design store since months? My daily outfits and fashion cravings? Tell me and I will show you!


soophisticated_flaredjeans_front soophisticated_flaredjeans_s soophisticated_flaredjeans_bw

Jeans – Zara // Top – H&M // Ankle Boots – Cheap Monday 

First of all, thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes I received on Instagram! Had a great birthday with lots of cake, friends and family. Just the way it should be! And what did I wear? Of course my flared jeans! Like promised, here my outfit photos wearing them on my birthday. Combined with a boxy neoprene top from H&M. I notice the opinions are quite divided when it comes to the return of this kind of jeans. I think for some its love at first sight, some will hate it and for some it is just a matter of time to get used to it again.