Shirt – H&M // Skirt, Loafers, Bag – Zara  

It was literally too hot to handle the past days. And especially no weather for leather. So this is what I would be wearing if the temperature drops a few degrees.
It has been silent on the blog, as it was silent in my head. The terrible accident of flight MH17 has left its mark on all of us and I can’t even explain in words how I feel about it. I haven’t lost a friend, sister, father or family member and I can’t even imagine how terrible it must be for the ones left behind. But I do feel sad, empty and confused because I simply can’t understand why this has happened to innocent people. Carpe Diem. Those words are popping up in my head every day since the crash. Think about how lucky we are to be alive, love the people we love and laugh every single day. 

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